GONATURS Greenzipper Ziplock Seal Storage Bags for Freezer, Refrigerator, Food, Vegetable, Fruits, Snacks, Jewellery, Kitchen Storage Zip Lock Pouch, Reusable, Washable, Transparent, Safe & BPA Free

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  • Pack contains 15 GreenZipper loack Freezer Bags.
  • GONATURS GREENZIPPER BAGS are Made from 100% LDPE Food Grade material & BPA free. Microwave safe, re-usable, Washable and 100% recyclable.
  • GONATURS GREENZIPPER ZIPLOCK bags are useful for storing food items like Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Diary Products, Pickles, Salads etc. Good Quality Plastics are Keep your food items pure and hygiene.
  • GONATURS GREENZIPPER ZIPLOCK bags are always a best partner for your long drive or a best Partner for your tour. You can Keep your belongings safe and safe from water.
  • Best for storing Documents, Currency notes, Electronics, Cables, Jewellery, Clothing, Board games, etc. MADE IN INDIA.
  • GONATURS Greenzipper Freezer Bags available in five different sizes.
  • GONATURS Greenzipper freezer bag is a multipurpose solution for all storage requirements. Store and organise anything and everything. GONATURS greenzipper freezer bags are completely made in India & made for India. Every bag of GONATURS greenzipper is manufactured under hygienic and quality-controlled facility. We ensure that our materials are 100% food safe, microwave safe & freezer safe.

How to use

  • For storing of food items ensure that bag is completely sealed, squeeze out all the air & place the bag in refrigerator.
  • For microwaving food open zipper about 3cms to vent and place the bag on microwave-safe dish. Please do not overheat the your food.
  • To completely air tight seal the bag remove the plastic runner and press'n'lock the bag.
  • Do not use the bag if it is torn.

Caution: To avoide danger of suffocation keep this plastic bag away from children.

Available  sizes

  • Small - 8'x8'
  • Medium - 9'x10'
  • Large - 10'x12'
  • Extra Large - 12'x14'
  • Double Extra Large - 14'x16'

BPA Free: Greenzipper zip lock freezer bags does not contain Bisphenol A. BPA Free bags does not leave taste and smell of plastic on the inner

Reusable and washable: Save money and save the environment. You can Reuse gonaturs greenzipper zip lock bag. You can Wash it after your use and you can reuse it.

 Food grade plastic: Greenzipper freezer bags are made from Food grade LDPE plastic. It prevents spreading of microplastic when heated. Keeps food safe to consume even if stored for longer period of time.

 Recyclable: Greenzipper zip lock bag is made from LDPE plastic which is recyclable up to 4 times! Unlike PET material (used in plastic bottles)

 Store Anything and Everything

  • Store Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, pulses, legumes, Dairy products, Pickles, Salads, etc.
  • Store Documents, Currency notes, Electronics, Cables, Jewellery, Clothing, Board games, etc.
  • Prepared and store food ahead of time for parties, lunchbox, picnics, etc.
  • Also store leftovers and make that food useful for next day.

How Gonaturs GreenZipper ZipLock Different From others?

  • Gonaturs GreenZipper Zip lock bag is made up of high quality food gradable plastics.
  • Gonaturs GreenZipper Zip Lock pouch best for keeping food items in your refrigerator. They can decorate your refrigerator like a library.
  • Gonaturs GreenZipper Zip lock can keep your jewels far from oxidation. That can help to improve your belonging's life.
  • Gonaturs GreenZipper ziplock seal storage bags are best option for your vegetables packing and arrangements.
  • Gonaturs GreenZipper zip lock seal storage bags are best option for your fruits packing and arrangements.
  • Gonaturs GreenZipper ziplock storage bag is air tight.
  • Gonaturs GreenZipper zip lock storage bag is free from BPA.
  • Gonaturs GreenZipper ziplock plastic storage bag is best for keeping diary products.
  • Gonaturs GreenZipper zip lock food grade plastic ziplock plastic pouch is always a best choice for your travelling days.
  • Gonaturs GreenZipper zip lock high quality plastic ziplock storage cover or pouch is a best choice for your kitchen and your jewel box.

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