RenovEarth Tinytots Charcoal bamboo insert

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Tinytots Charcoal bamboo insert

Charcoal Bamboo Pocket diapers consists of an outer waterproof and breathable TPU and the inner layer consists of a bamboo charcoal inner. The diaper has a pocket opening between the outer waterproof layer and the inner layer that touches your baby ‘ s skin. You can place the absorbent material (bamboo charcoal insert) inside this pocket opening. Pocket diapers absorbency can be adjusted by using more or fewer absorbent inserts.Tinytots bamboo charcoal pocket diapers are double gusseted to prevent side-leaks. Charcoal Bamboo diapers are naturally anti bacterial and anti fungal.

The pocket style diapers are the most popular style of cloth diapers. Pocket diapers have elastic around the legs and waist and fasten with snaps or tabs. You can adjust the size of the diaper to your desired size by snapping onto different rows of buttons on the diaper. Pocket diapers are easy to use , allows for a quicker drying time, and has more tailored absorbency for your baby’s wetting needs.

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